Harley Davidson

All these bikes are killer examples of kustom Harleys.

Click on a picture to see it full size and some facts about the bike!

And if I have it, Video of the bike!

Panhead Bobber! Insane Chopper Evil Mother! Pan Chopper

JD Project JD Bobber!

Killer Pan! Bobbed Knuckle! Cool Evo!

Matt Light's Sporty Chopper Cool panhead! Denver Dan's and Vince's Shovels!

'37 BTSV Bobber! Cool 45 45's are Kool!

IN-FUCKING-SANE!!! wow! Taildragger's Bike!

DRAG BIKE!!! Mini CHop!!! Evil Evo!

Shovel's rule!

"Texas" bars rule!

Killer Bobber!

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