Mitch Allread's "Urban Flat Tracker"

It is very rare that I am blown away by a bike.
I have to admit that when I first met Mitch and he told me about his WR styled shovel, it sounded cool but I just couldn't see it the way he described it.

About 2 weeks later I pulled into the Bob's parking lot and saw an orange bike at the curb, i made a mental note to go and look at it before it left.

When I finally saw it I was blown away!
This bike is an amazing collection of details, Mitch builds Nascar car parts for a living and it is painfully obvious that he has a amazing eye for detail.

I also must add that this is the first Harley he's ever built,
he has built british bikes in the past,
and he allready wants to change it all!
He must have the same affliction I have...

Take a look and tell me what you think!
Click on the small pict to see a full size one.
80 Spoke Star Hub wheel Powdercoated Flat black - Kool Chopper headlight with drilled bracket
Drilled Backing plate, aircleaner, fender, brace, EVERYTHING!
Home made Taillight and more drilling! - Bad ass Pipe wrap on his hand made pipes!

Few things are as kool as extended HD springers

Check out the kool license plate mount and old-school 1½" belt drive
The bike started out as a 1960 Panhead. Doesn't look like one anymore
thanx to the Shovel heads and kustom built frame

Here is Mitch Himself!

Notice the dent in the gastank...

Ironworks magazine shot this bike for a feature (The cover too) for their January 2001 issue.

They shot it on the dry lake bed of El Mirage.

Mitch spent some time doing burnouts, slides and full throttle turns on the flats, and wrecked.

That explains the dent. and it goes to show you what bikes are for.